Five and Dime Cowboys

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Terry McCarthy and Toni McCarthy are husband and wife, singer/song-writers known as the Five and Dime Cowboys. We write and sing about our views of the world, family, love, faith and the politics that affect our everyday lives. We have been together since the early 1980s and have been playing music most of our lives.

About fifteen years ago, we adopted the name Five and Dime Cowboys as we focused on song writing, singing and playing music together. The name of the Five and Dime Cowboys grew out of the idea that we were strongly influenced by the traditional country music many of us grew up with in the 1950s and '60s when the five and dime was still a prevalent feature in many small towns. Somehow, it seemed in those days, that the five and dime represented a simpler way of life in a more optimistic time.  We were strongly influenced by the small-town American values we grew up with in Oregon and Northern California. In writing about what we know and experience, we are more at home with the "dime store cowboys" of small-town America than with the authentic cowboys of the American West. Although we're not authentic cowboys, we strive to be authentic in the music we write and record. In a review of of our first CD, In Our Time, reviewer Dan MacIntosh stated,

     "Terry and Toni McCarthy are like a couple that shows up to your dinner party and say what many others may also be thinking, but are afraid to say. They'll tell you exactly how they feel about religion and politics, instead of, say, chatting about the weather. Therefore, if you only enjoy music that goes no deeper than breezy weather reports, you might find In Our Time problematic. However, if you dig music that is challenging and confrontational, Five and Dime Cowboys are worth their weight in gold."

Well, hopefully, we are plain spoken and honest like the cowboys of the old west. But we're not authentic cowboys, we're just five and dime cowboys trying to make some sense of where the trail heads.

We live in the beautiful town of Dallas, Oregon. Dallas is a former sawmill town located in the verdant Willamette Valley and snuggled against the Coast Range mountains. We are blessed to live two miles from the Baskett Slough Wildlife Refuge which is the winter home to thousands of beautiful Canada Geese.


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Five and Dime Cowboys

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