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As Christian believers, our faith is the central thread of our lives, both personally and as indie singer-songwriters. Like most followers of Jesus Christ, our faith has grown over the years. In our younger days, we were not believers, but after getting beat up a bit by life for some poor choices we had made, we found our way to a small country church where we were accepted and loved and received into the arms of Christ. We thank God for that country church and for Pastors Don and Violet Petersen. Over the years, our bible studies and prayers led us to become converts to Catholicism. Today, we view ourselves as Traditional Roman Catholics who hold traditional Catholic beliefs. This can be clearly heard in most all of Toni's songs. These songs are filled with love and reverence for God and His gift of life, and are written and sung  from the heart. One of Toni's pro-life music videos, Sorrowful Ones is an example. Much of Toni's work speaks of Traditional Catholic beliefs, yet all her songs are first and foremost about the Christian faith and meaningful to both Catholic and non-catholic believers. In addition to her singing and songwriting, Toni's love for the Traditional Latin Mass has produced several recently-published articles articulating the beauty of the Latin Mass, the value of Tradition, the importance of Scripture and its relevance for today's believers. 

Many of Terry's songs which seem to fit the Christian Americana music category or the country Christian music category are built upon our Christian values and speak to our love of family and church. Our country Christian music videos, Another Sawmill Town and Wind in the Poplars are two examples.  All of our songs attempt to reflect an honest view of life as we see it and many songs recount our experiences of growing up in rural America. One of Terry's new songs, A River Used To Run  recalls a family's life in the beautiful Humboldt Redwoods and the changes which time brought to the forests and the communities.  In the Attic shares the story of youthful mistakes now seen through the eyes of an older and wiser believer who tries to put the past into perspective. Still in the country Christian music category or Alternative Christian Americana category, Righteous Ones and Prayers My Mother Gave Me reflect an underpinning of Catholic social justice and a Five and Dime Cowboys' view of our current American landscape.

We hope you find our songs personally meaningful in your life's journey and we thank you for your interest in Five and Dime Cowboys. Please continue to stop by this website to hear newly released songs.

We thank God for the opportunity to write and sing, we thank you for listening,  and we thank God for each day and each breath we take.


May God Bless You and Keep You,


Terry and Toni McCarthy, Five and Dime Cowboys




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