In Our Time

by Five and Dime Cowboys

Released 2011
Five and Dime Cowboys
Released 2011
Five and Dime Cowboys
In Our Time presents twelve original songs reflecting a seasoned and intimate view of love, life, faith and politics in our changing American landscape.
The summer we moved to Dallas, the five and dime closed for good. It was the end of something. Growing up, the dime store was where the kids found their toys, their dime cowboy novels, their dreams. Our folks shopped there too. In her purse, my mom carried a little tortoise shell notebook she bought at the five and dime. She carried it for years.

That same summer the Caterpillar plant closed. Its closing brought an end to well-paid jobs for many in our town. Big money split and went down to Mexico. A few years later sawmill and plywood plants closed and the downtown died. Another piece of small-town America passed with the five and dime. What remains does not belong to corporations, or television, or fast food chains. What remains are the memories, the values and hopes of middle-class life that bring depth and meaning to those who slow down long enough to remember, to hear, and try and make some sense of where we're all heading.

The Five and Dime Cowboys are not real cowboys, we're just five and dime cowboys who grew up in a simpler time and are trying to make sense of where the trail heads. We hope you enjoy "In Our Time".

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Five and Dime Cowboys

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